Achievement Academy's Strategic Plan

The Achievement Academy’s Board of Directors adopted the current Strategic Plan in the Fall of 2021, following a one-day Board Retreat. Since that time, the Board members and their committees have been working diligently towards these goals.

As of August 2022, the following objectives have been accomplished:

Organizational Staffing and Structure Initiative: 

  • Organizational Chart has been reviewed and revised to deepen the structure and provide a more streamlined line of reporting
  • Job Descriptions for all staff positions have been reviewed and updated to ensure they accurately reflect the responsibilities and core competencies needed for each position. A standard template was created and applied to each job description to create consistency.


Birth to Three Initiative:

  • The Early Intervention team has met regularly to systematically evaluate the program and the ways in which they serve at-risk infants and toddlers.
  • From these conversations, recommendations will be made to the Board on ways to enhance the program with increased efficiencies to allow the team to serve more children.
Development & Marketing Initiative:
  •  The Board approved and adopted a new mission statement to more clearly communicate our purpose. Our Mission: To give children the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential through early intervention, education, therapy, and family support for those with special needs or at-risk for developmental delays.

We will continue to share the status of our strategic initiatives as our Board, Staff, and Volunteers work towards achieving our goals!