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Submitted by Winston’s mom, Catika

I’m very grateful for the Birth to Three program and for Mrs. Becky, our Early Interventionist, for helping my son improve his social and language skills. My son, Winston, was not focused at all, was all over the place, and I thought I could not help him. Mrs. Becky was patient and understanding and gave me some skills to work on with Winston. I have seen a huge improvement! Mrs. Becky has as well. She is able to interact more with Winston because he is more focused and engaged in activities with her. Winston is also more social with other children. Birth to Three is a blessing to a parent like me that needs the extra support to help my baby thrive. We are not where we want to be but we are having great improvements with the help of Birth to Three.

Submitted by Jaysiah’s mom, Shaikeerah

The Birth to Three program has given me so much confidence as a new mother to a premature baby. My son, Jaysiah was born two months premature. I didn’t have much knowledge about taking care of a baby, especially a premature baby. Becky with the Birth to Three program has provided me with the knowledge I need to equip my son with a strong and stable foundation, so he reaches his developmental goals throughout his infant and toddler years. With the help of this program, my son has accomplished many things that I feared he would not be able to. I’m very thankful for the knowledge they continue to provide me to help my son to develop and meet milestones.

Maxwell 3

Submitted by Maxwell’s mom, Jadacy

Maxwell was only one pound, two ounces when he was born. This precious little boy spent 117 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), in an incubator and hooked up to the medical equipment to help him survive. Upon discharge from the hospital, he was referred to our Birth to Three program to help him overcome his developmental delays. Jadacy explains that throughout her journey with Birth to Three, Becky has provided much-needed advice and support as a new mom with a preemie baby. Becky gives her the tools she needs to help Maxwell achieve his milestones and reach his potential. Today, Maxwell’s mother describes him as a happy and playful boy who loves learning and interacting with others.

Submitted by Roslyn and Elliott’s mom, Desiree

Roslyn and Elliott were referred to Achievement Academy’s Birth to Three Program due to prematurity. Early intervention activities helped the twins reach developmental milestones, such as tummy time, walking, and bringing hands to midline. They enrolled in Achievement Academy’s Charter Pre-K at two years old and have achieved so much during class time and therapy. “The teachers and therapists go above and beyond for their students! Roslyn and Elliott are blossoming at school,” Desiree stated.

Submitted by Lyonnell’s mom, Tina

Lyonnell was referred to Achievement Academy’s Charter Pre-K by Early Steps due to his struggle with fine motor skills and communication. He receives weekly one-on-one speech, occupational, and physical therapy. He is now able to communicate with others, ride a bike, and play sports. Tina explains that she is extremely grateful that her son had the opportunity to attend Achievement Academy. “The staff is amazing, thoughtful, and love their students as if they were their own. They help the children learn anything, no matter what obstacles stand in their way. It is amazing to have the peace of mind knowing our kids are in good hands. Achievement Academy has the best teachers, therapists, and administrative staff, who are always there for us without any hesitation!”

Submitted by James’ mom, Keara

James was referred to Achievement Academy by Early Steps because he was born with congenital heart defect (CHD), putting him at an elevated risk for developmental delays. At the age of three, he began attending Achievement Academy where he receives one-on-one therapy sessions. Keara, James’ mother states, “I am overly thankful for Achievement Academy. The support and care given from all the staff makes it easier to place the care of your child in someone else’s hands. Because of this, my son’s development has blossomed into what it has today, and I know he will continue to knock down walls in the future.”

Rendon and Mason

Submitted by Rendon and Mason’s mom, Angela

Rendon and Mason attended Achievement Academy’s Charter Pre-K after being diagnosed with a speech delay. While attending, Rendon received speech therapy which helped develop his speech and language. He is now in Kindergarten and is thriving, although he mentions how much he misses Achievement Academy and his teachers. His brother, Mason is a current Achievement Academy student. “When we noticed Mason was not saying many words, we knew just what to do and where we needed to be,” explained Angela. “We feel very fortunate to have been referred to Achievement Academy, and because of this wonderful school and amazing staff, we know our boys will do great things.”

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