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Submitted by James’ mom, Laura

James… James was enrolled in Achievement Academy’s pre-kindergarten Charter School when he was two-and-a-half years old. The Charter School Therapists immediately began working with James on his developmental delays that were due to his premature birth. “We know that without the help of the Achievement Academy, James would not be in the place he is today,” Laura explained. “Thank you to everyone at Achievement Academy! We are truly blessed to send James to such a great school.” 

Submitted by Jaxon’s mom, Kara

Jaxon… Jaxon was born weighing only 2 pounds, 1 ounce.  As with any parent of a preemie, one of our biggest concerns was making sure Jaxon stayed on track for hitting his developmental milestones. We were already aware that he was behind and we wanted to do everything we could to help him catch up.  From the first time our Early Interventionist, Laurie, came to our home, she has helped guide us in helping Jaxon to reach his milestones.  We are eternally grateful for all that Laurie and Achievement Academy’s Birth to Three Program have done for Jaxon and for us.

Submitted by Marcos’s mom, Elena

Marcos…I am forever grateful for the Achievement Academy’s staff.  Marcos has learned and accomplished so much, from colors and shapes to numbers and letters.  Therapy has also played a big role in his life due to his cerebral palsy.  His teacher and all of the therapists have worked so hard to help him reach his goals.  I could not have picked a better school for my son.

Submitted by TJ’s mom, Holly

TJ…TJ joined the Achievement Academy family at 3 years old. At that time, he had little to no expressive or receptive language. He couldn’t make requests nor could he understand directions given verbally. He has made so much progress in these last couple of years. Our family has enjoyed watching him grow, learn, and build relationships with classmates and staff. We cannot thank Achievement Academy enough for all they have done for TJ. Their caring staff has changed the future for our little boy and others like him.

Submitted by Austin’s mom, Jennifer

Austin…Achievement Academy has helped Austin so much with his social skills and speech and language development. When he first started, he was shy and did not have much language. He has received speech therapy for almost four years. Austin’s speech has continued to develop but communicating still remains difficult. His speech therapist introduced him to a communication application that allows him to select various phrases or sentences to communicate through a Kindle. This new assistive technology augments his speech to make his wants and needs known, especially with unfamiliar listeners. Austin’s face now lights up with a smile ear to ear as he communicates with others. He has blossomed into a social butterfly! We are so proud of how far he has come and that he has a better means of communicating as he heads off to kindergarten next school year.

Submitted by Delaney’s mom, Lyda

Delaney…Delaney was enrolled in Achievement Academy at age 3 years.  When she began school, she had no language skills and it was hard for her to express her wants and needs.  She did not interact with her peers or adults.  Delaney has received individual speech therapy once a week and received small classroom instruction. Today, Delaney is able to communicate, count from 1 to 40, knows her ABC’s, is able to write her name and is able to interact with peers.  We are very proud of Delaney and she is now attending Kindergarten!

Submitted by Emily’s mom, Karli

Emily . . . This school holds the most special place in my heart. Three years ago, after months of denial, we came to the realization that our Em wouldn’t be attending traditional or typical preschool. I remember that feeling of disappointment and utter heartache. Matt and I toured the school and have been hooked ever since. Dropping Em off on the first day was rough after everything we had been through and upon receiving an official harsh and brutal diagnosis literally just days before. And now here we are at graduation and we don’t want to leave. Thank you Achievement Academy for changing our lives and for loving our angel like she was your own.

Submitted by Ty’Anthony’s mom, Shalonda

Ty’Anthony. . . Ty’Anthony has been attending Achievement Academy since he was 17 months old and he is now four years old. Ty’Anthony receives small class instruction and one-on-one physical therapy as he has no movement in his legs. He is now able to get in and out of a chair and push his mobile stander on his own. Achievement Academy has the best therapists and teachers who always keep us informed about his progress at school. This school has done so much for our family.

Submitted by Judah’s Dad, Chad

Judah . . .How do you articulate your gratitude to a team of people that have been so life changing to your family? I am not sure, but I will try. We started taking Judah to Achievement Academy almost two years ago and it has been one of the best decisions that we have ever made. Two years ago, we were tired and hopeless regarding Judah’s situation. Judah seemed to be in a rut and we didn’t know what to do. Judah had no feeding skills, his social skills were lacking and he was making no progress in his ability to stand. Fast forward two years and now- Judah holds his spoon and is able to feed himself with assistance. Judah has also gained enough strength to stand in his stander for 30-60 minutes. Judah’s vocabulary has increased, he is happier and he constantly asks to go to “class”. While our time at Achievement Academy has come to a close because of a move up to Minnesota, our gratitude will carry on forever. Thank you!!

Submitted by Ta’Niya’s Mom, Kanika

Ta’Niya . . . My daughter Ta’Niya was referred to the Achievement Academy charter school in August 2013 when she was three years old to help with her developmental delays. She started out using a walker, but through physical therapy and assistive equipment, Ta’Niya is now walking independently, skipping, doing jumping jacks — and no longer needs surgery! Ta’Niya is highly motivated to be mobile and doesn’t allow her motor difficulties to stop her from accessing the school environment. What she has overcome since starting Achievement Academy is just remarkable. This Fall, Ta’Niya will begin kindergarten in a mainstream class. I am so thankful for Achievement Academy and how it has helped Ta’Niya with her development. Everyone at Achievement Academy has gone above and beyond and it is greatly appreciated. I’m just completely satisfied with the advancement she’s made. It’s because of Achievement Academy that she’s where she is today.

Submitted by Aidan and Ethan’s Mom and Dad, Jillyan and Chad

Aidan . . . We never knew anything was wrong, but at 27 weeks our son, Aidan, was born weighing just 2 lbs., 12 oz. He spent a total of 3 ½ months in the NICU. Because he was a “preemie” we were referred to the Achievement Academy’s Birth to Three Program. Becky, our Early Interventionist, did much to ease our fears about Aidan’s development and helped push him in areas that as parents, we were unfamiliar. Unfortunately, when Aidan was 2 ½  he went from a vocabulary of 50 words to almost none. We all worked diligently to get him back on track and he started re-gaining most of his language skills. At 3, Aidan entered Achievement Academy’s Charter School. He has thrived in the school and is becoming quite a chatty 5 year old!

Ethan . . . In 2013, our second child, Ethan, was born at 24 weeks, at just 1 lb., 13 oz. A “micro preemie,” Ethan was ventilator dependent from the first day. He had a tracheotomy tube surgically added and developed Pulmonary Hypertension a few weeks later. He was in NICU for a total of eight months. Once settled at home, Laurie, another Early Interventionist from Achievement Academy’s Birth to Three Program, began seeing Ethan. She encouraged us and showed us how to play with Ethan to promote development. Ethan continues to progress and now has started word signing and walking with assistance.

We give credit to the Achievement Academy and their staff for helping Aidan and Ethan thrive. We want everyone to understand how appreciative we are for the help we have received through the Achievement Academy’s Birth to Three Program and their Charter School.

Submitted by Blake’s mom, Tami

Blake . . . is a 5-year-old boy who couldn’t walk, ride a bike or converse easily when he arrived at Achievement Academy three years ago. He had multiple physical and developmental challenges, due to Cerebral Palsy, that made it difficult for him to reach his full potential. Over the past three years, Blake has received one-on-one physical and occupational therapies as part of his weekly Achievement Academy Charter School routine. The committed and compassionate teaching staff, supported by dedicated in-class para-professionals, has reinforced these therapies in their daily classroom routines.

As a result, Blake can now walk, ride a bike and converses easily, even with strangers in the grocery store. He no longer enters the bus in a wheelchair; he walks up and down the steps of the bus all by himself. He is also able to walk independently around his classroom and at home and with the use of his walker, is able to walk very long distances. And just like with his physical limitations, Blake has persevered and overcome his social and academic challenges. He is one of the most outgoing and imaginative conversationalists in his classroom and will be entering regular kindergarten next school year.”

Submitted by Jonathan’s Mom, Rebecca

Jonathan . . . We want to thank Achievement Academy for being there when we needed help for our son.  Jonathan was having difficulties with his speech, developmental delays, social skills, and some academic challenges in his growing years.  After researching many programs within our community area, we were quickly referred to Achievement Academy. Shortly after, my husband and I sat down to share our concerns with the staff at Achievement Academy.  They seemed to understand what was going on with our son and soon after, a plan was in place.  Now at 5 years old, Jonathan is an outspoken little boy, who enjoys building LEGOS using instruction books, creating his own story time, and making new friends. Enrolling Jonathan into Achievement Academy was the best decision we have made. We feel confident that he will succeed when he starts Kindergarten. We would like to also thank all of Jonathan’s teachers and speech therapists who have given their time and talents to get our son ready for the transition of Kindergarten in 2016.