Charter School


boy with blocksPre-Kindergarten classes offer educational services to children ages two through five years old, which may include:

  • Small class size with individualized attention.
  • Developmentally appropriate goals and activities.
  • Active parent participation.
  • Individual speech, physical, and occupational therapies.
  • Assistive technology.

Many children get the boost they need from Achievement Academy's early childhood programs and go on to regular classrooms in their zoned schools. Others stay with us a while longer. Classrooms include speech, physical or occupational therapy, specialized instruction and state-of-the-art technology. Either way, we'll help you make the most of your child's abilities - one step at a time. We believe every child is entitled to a childhood of possibilities.


Schools and districts benefit from accreditation through objective peer review, attainment of high standards, and engagement in continuous improvement. Through accreditation, schools and districts receive an external mark of quality; become part of an international network of 23,000 schools and districts; and gain access to a wide range of resources, professional development, and tools to assist them with continuous improvement. Perhaps more importantly, students benefit from accreditation because, through the accreditation process, their school or district has committed to raising student performance and will be held accountable for improving student learning on a continual basis.


A Charter School application is available for downloading/printing. This application must be mailed to our Lakeland office.