Top Chef of Polk County 2018

Thank you to all who participated and helped make this event a success!

Achievement Academy’s Fourth Annual Top Chef of Polk County Event changed its format this year. There was a tasting of signature dishes from Polk County’s leading chefs while raising much needed funds for children with special needs.

Twelve local chefs created and prepared their signature dish (tapas style) accompanied with a wine or libation that complements the flavors of the dish. All guests had the opportunity to try all of the chef’s signature dishes.

The guests voted and awarded Chef Patrick Schaefer from Patio850 the “Top Chef of Polk County 2018.” In addition, guests rated each dining station and awarded a tie to Chef Matt Fulwood from The Blue Palmetto Cafe at Bok Tower Gardens and Chef Wayne Haggard from Spectra at the RP Funding Center the “Top Table Décor” award. Chef Chris Worley from Terrie Lobb Catering raised the most funds for Achievement Academy through their donated auction item/s and online voting and earned the “Top Philanthropic Chef” award.

Photos from this year's event

(Photos by Emily Plank Photography- Click photo to enlarge and scroll through)